Monday, December 29, 2008

tag tag

got tagged by Kak Sabila!
The rules are simple. Use google image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

the age of my next birthday

a little less sixteen candles. hahaha fall out boy :D

a place i'd like to travel to

yes yes hell yes, Disney World baby!

favourite place

that's my room. with all those stuffs on the wall of course :)
click for a better view, teehee

favourite food

okay, i must admit that this is a tough question for me
i'm a food junkie, so it's hard to decide which one's my fave, but i'll pick Sushi

favourite things

gotta be my green ipod & my handphone. it contains everything i need in case of boredom

favourite color

go green! *lho!*

a city where i was born

Jakarta lah, masa Jakarta dong *udah udah udah.*

a city which i have ever lived in

Jakarta kabeh, dari dulu ampeee sekarang

a nickname i have

sebenernya ini baru mulai berlaku pas SMP kelas 8 lho hehe

college major

hm, masih ngga tau. hehehe

name of my love

currently, yeah.
AHAHAHA AYO TEBAK AYO TEBAKKKK!!!! yg bisa jago bener dah *evil laugh*

a bad habit

NGEMIL!. parah bgt deh kalo udah ngemil.
kemaren aja nyemilin Lays 75gr 5 menit udah ludes -_-



and eating of course ;)


simba, timon, and pumbaa?
noooo! that picture means Hakuna Matata
"it means no worries for the rest of your day,
it's a problem free phylosophy, Hakuna Matata!"

i want to have a Hakuna Matata life :D

and now i'll tag you who read this post!


Ozora Kharunia said...

Acchan mau ya tagnyaa : )

Acchan said...

okee kak hehe monggo monggo :D

Yasmin said...

ayuchan mau tagnya yaaa

Acchan said...

awkay yaminnnn