Sunday, June 28, 2009


newest addition to my cd collection. yep, you've guessed it.

still searching for Super Junior's 3rd album, tho.
i couldn't be happier :D

Friday, June 26, 2009

50% - 50%

meet my Darkrai :)

so today's the day we'll get out report card for the second semester, sekaligus penjurusan.
gw sendiri mau masuk IPA, tapi ya jika kalo seandainya bilamana gak IPA ya yowes.
meanwhile yesterday was the day of Pengumuman Capsis. i was supposed to come yesterday, but i had no driver so i stayed at home instead while my friends told me "oh he passed, oh she passed, do you believe it she didn't pass?" and such.

i woke up pretty early *untuk ukuran liburan* this morning.
heading to school with mom and dad, bought hotdog for breakfast.
arrived at school, i met wepe & etsa. we decided to look for mr. subhan because he was the person hold responsible for the surat pengumuman capsis. we finally found him on plaza, then he took us to TU, gave us the letter, we went outside TU, and i quickly opened it until i found that...


sebagai pengurus OSIS periode 2009/2010

and then i was like... okay. it didn't feel good at all.
at least that sentence made up my mood again.

not long after that, my mom went out of my class' homebase carrying my report card.
i asked her which class i got into, and she said, "you got science class."
mhm schweet!


rest in peace the world's #1 king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Monday, June 22, 2009


"batujajar tak akan kulupa,
tempat kita berlatih bersama,
siang malam selalu ditempa,
agar jadi bintama yang jaya!"


Saturday, June 6, 2009

sapphire blue

don't mind the title, heheh. it represents Super Junior's color :D

I'm lacking of blog updates lately. school is driving me crazy with it's task, final exams (which is 2 days from now), and the friggin' BINTAMA which is one day after final exam. I mean, we only get a chance to rest our minds for only one day? ONE FRIGGIN' DAY? aksfnasjkfsjks blah.

1. I've done a photoshoot with some of my friends in order to complete my Skyblitz's final score. fortunately it turned out pretty good, although the models were all camera-freaks. BAHAHAH.

2. I've been going crazy for Super Junior. yes, that 13 members korean boyband. this is maybe one of the reason I rarely visited some social sites. lately, all I opened is youtube, and watch all of their videos I can find. fyi, I've been a fan since 2 weeks ago ;)

3. I have this cough since 3 weeks ago and it's not getting better. so yesterday I went to the doctor, luckily she said it's only a regular cough, I just need to take the medicines on the right time.

4. as I said at the beginning, THE FINAL EXAM AND THE FRIGGIN' BINTAMA IS COMING UP! WOOHOO YEAH.................. NOT.

5. I lost few kilograms of my weight, alhamdulillah.

6. last Friday's 'lari pagi terakhir kelas x' I ended up being a tourist. I wore my batik shorts, t-shirt, short-sleeved hoodie, my pluto hat, and Kraken the dslr.

7. rumor has it that there will be many awesome concerts this year. I better save up my money for it.

8. physics & civics for Monday's final exams subject. wish me luck for the rest of the examination week! and Bintama too.