Saturday, June 6, 2009

sapphire blue

don't mind the title, heheh. it represents Super Junior's color :D

I'm lacking of blog updates lately. school is driving me crazy with it's task, final exams (which is 2 days from now), and the friggin' BINTAMA which is one day after final exam. I mean, we only get a chance to rest our minds for only one day? ONE FRIGGIN' DAY? aksfnasjkfsjks blah.

1. I've done a photoshoot with some of my friends in order to complete my Skyblitz's final score. fortunately it turned out pretty good, although the models were all camera-freaks. BAHAHAH.

2. I've been going crazy for Super Junior. yes, that 13 members korean boyband. this is maybe one of the reason I rarely visited some social sites. lately, all I opened is youtube, and watch all of their videos I can find. fyi, I've been a fan since 2 weeks ago ;)

3. I have this cough since 3 weeks ago and it's not getting better. so yesterday I went to the doctor, luckily she said it's only a regular cough, I just need to take the medicines on the right time.

4. as I said at the beginning, THE FINAL EXAM AND THE FRIGGIN' BINTAMA IS COMING UP! WOOHOO YEAH.................. NOT.

5. I lost few kilograms of my weight, alhamdulillah.

6. last Friday's 'lari pagi terakhir kelas x' I ended up being a tourist. I wore my batik shorts, t-shirt, short-sleeved hoodie, my pluto hat, and Kraken the dslr.

7. rumor has it that there will be many awesome concerts this year. I better save up my money for it.

8. physics & civics for Monday's final exams subject. wish me luck for the rest of the examination week! and Bintama too.

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Nisa Puspasari said...

bintama seru kok chan hahahahaha serius tapi emg seru. bakal kangen deh mihihi. smg hasil testnya bagus yaa :)