Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009's best & worst moments

wow, it has been a while since my last blog post.
as you all know, today is the last day of 2009. we'll welcome 2010 by tomorrow.

i'm not celebrating NYE with my friends. idk, dad asked me & my sister to have dinner outside tonight, so yeah.

annually--i post "this year's best & worst". and yes, i'm gonna write about that in this post. i can't really recall ALL things, but i'll do my best to remember.
here goes!

- first of all, this is the year where i found my interest in kpop. i fell in love with super junior, 2pm, 2am & beast. there's too much story involving kpop so let's just keep it short.
- being in sophomore year!
- balaprawira cakradarmatha, komisi pubdok: ima, avi, rama. let's work together guys!
- xi ipa 3 -- my awesome classmates, ever since the v3 incident lololol
- bintama SITU LEMBANG. i really wish i can go there again, the view is breath-taking, eventhough it's a military area.
- iPod classic 160 GB + blue turquoise onto headset = (Y)
- HOTT 2009 lembang-bandung. goodie goodie.
- studi lapangan 2009, usually 10th graders goes to lembang, but this time we went to pangandaran. yes, you heard it--the beach! call it as pre-bali trip hahah
- april 09's singapore trip. actually it's my sister's bday present but dad told me to come along.
- i got my first nike dunk & high top sneakers.

- asdfghjkl you knowwwww ;___;
- i lost my dad's iPod touch & my orange onto
- jaechunsu's lawsuit, kangin's DUI incident, JAEBUM LEFT 2PM okay, so kpop had it's worst moments too.
- the rev passed away. one of my favorite drummers of all time. thank you so much for rocking jakarta, twice :'(
- the early monts in science class. it was hell-like. i got bad grades.

will edit later on if i remember other things.

have a happy new year everyone. let's hope 2010 will be a kick ass year for us. amin!

i'm going on a hiatus on blogger, but please do check out my tumblr. tysm!