Sunday, September 27, 2009

light messengers

holiday is coming to an end. dan langsung dihajar dengan UTS. yay labschool, yay!
hmm, nothing special this holiday. mostly spending my time in front of the PC, surfing the internet, downloading stuffs...
oh, i did discovered 2 new--and awesome--albums;

Owl City's "Ocean Eyes"

Saosin's "In Search Of Solid Ground"

Super Junior M is back! with their new single "Super Girl". it has 2 versions, the Chinese and the Korean. but, since they mainly sing in Chinese, and i finally memorized it's chorus part saya belom kebiasa denger yang Korea |D but i'll get used to it.
so, here's the MV for the Chinese version:

anddd G-Dragon's second single "Breathe". the MV is somehow different from "Heartbreaker". GD looks really happy, just like a kid from an ice cream store. Gaho made an appearance too. here's the MV if you wanna take a look:

last thing! any of you knew about 2PM's recent problem?

ahaha yeah, they will remain as "7 members" in my heart. 7 - 1 = 0, right Hottests?

fail english is fail