Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008's best & worst

i tell you i had done this a year ago, yeah this post
but since now i'm at home and i've got nothing to, i've decided to write this again
here are my best and worst moments in 2008, not in orders.

Best Moments:
- got accepted in Labschool Kebayoran's high school
- graduating junior high school
- entering high school
- new friends, lamuru, SkyBlitz, Hasta Praja Sanggakara!
- got a Holga as a birthday present from my friends
- bought Fenrir the Fisheye 2
- got my electric guitar, Fender Stratocaster, which i named Goku
- my chemical romance's, the click five's, avenged sevenfold's concert
- new phone! hahaha 5800 expressmusic yea.
- ketiban gawang YEAH! hahahah *you really include this in best moments?
- that guy! hahah aw aw aw
- and other great times i can't mention because of it's privacy and secrecy HAHAH

Worst Moments:
- going separate ways from my junior high friends
- not going anywhere overseas
- being a 10th grader, haha you know why it sucks :P
- heartbreak
- and another heartbreak

well, to be honest 2008 wasn't a bad year afterall.
i hope 2009 will be a better year for me, and for you too : )


yellowmonkey said...

ketiban gawang? -_- aneh lo

Acchan said...

hahaha kan jadi celeb for a day kata lu

Satisfied said...

ngikut worst best ya chann!! teehee boleh ga?

Acchan said...

boleh ley boleh dong heheh

ramadije said...

jah Acchan lagi, Acchan lagi.. (ga jelas asal comment doang)

Acchan said...

ka djaffri lagi, ka djaffri lagi (lebih ga jelas)