Monday, December 24, 2007

best & worst in 2007

2007 is coming to an end!
ok so i'm going to tell you about the best & worst moments i've had in this year

best moments (not in orders):
being a 9th grader, longlive ARTCTI9EMONKEYS <3
panca @ dufan
labspart 2007
skyavenue '07
muse concert
avenged sevenfold concert
fall out boy concert
having a little brother
no remedials in smstr 1 final exam!!!!
my dad bought me canon eos 350D
& also the 3rd generation of ipod nano
being the manager for 1100 & The Falling Through

worst moments (not in orders):
not going to the click five concert
countable heartbreaks
no id card for those concerts i've been *points upwards*
lost my iPod
bad, bad, bad score at paket 1&2

well, guess that's all
why don't you write yours! :-D

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