Friday, October 10, 2008

meeting and greeting

ehm speaking of concerts, it somehow reminds me of how i want to live in u.s.a.
when i read alternative press, there's this section showing pictures of boys/girls with band member(s), which makes me jealous of course.
in one of the magazine, it has a line like this:

DAILY SIGNINGS & GIVEAWAYS WITH *i took a deep breath when i saw these bands*
- ALL TIME LOW ("OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG" that's what my heart said)
- and yeah other bands you'd like to know, but i'm too lazy to write on

i don't really know, but i do feel like meeting up with a band is kind of an easy thing to do there. especially bands who plays at warped tour, bamboozle, or some sort of tour. it's like you can always find the band's tourbus at the parking zone, you can go to the band's tent and you can take pictures with them or ask them to sign in your t-shirt. i know there are some session where you have to queue for like 8 or 10 hours to meet up with them. but at least it's free of charges. you know the where & the when, then you're up.
when i see photos of some of the kids in myspace with some band members, all i can do is *sighs*

no. we cannot do those things here in jakarta.
you wanna meet a band? go ahead and talk to the promotor's boss, you're begging him to give you the exclusive "backstage pass" or "meet & greet session" ID. don't have one of those? then you're out. or or you have to pay for hundred thousand rupiahs to get the pass. or or you have to spend 5 times the concert ticket's price to exchange it with the meet & greet pass. what a pity.

so whatcha gonna do, concert promotors?
oh bytheway i'm not done writing this post, i'm gonna post it anyway. i'll add some sentences complaints again later


Annisa said...

i agree with you chan, disini susah banget untuk apa2, giliran udah ke luar negri, kayak tiap minggu ada dan gampang gitu ya

Acchan said...

yesyesyesss huhuhu tinggal ngesot dikit trus ketemu deh sama abang gantengnya, lah disini? dzinggg

Mente said...

mungkin krn org indonesia kalo ketemu artis gila chan, coba di amrik mana mungkin gabe saporta dicakar2 sampe ruam2 sm fansnya, disini? d'Masiv aja dicakar2 sampe bikin nangis hahaha :D

Acchan said...

yaaaa tapi kan tapi kan......

Miss N said...

anberlin :'|
ngasih konser tiket gratis dgn cmn message mereka
terus kasih meet and greet gratis buat official street team membernya yg sadly gua ikut tp berhubung mereka gk ke indo......... well......

Acchan said...

iya naaaad sedih bgt yak kita jg org indonesia ckck :((