Wednesday, May 21, 2008

what's with the word.....


maybe you'll wonder why i'm writing a post about this.
because i'm sick, soooo damn sick of people saying "EMO SHIT".
and/or "FUCK EMO".

dude what's yer problem with emo?

i listen to green day. are they even emo?
i also listen to my chemical romance. okay maybe some of you'll say that they're gay of whtvr. what you say about them, whatever, won't change my point of view.
get that.
and now this,
i do listen to chiodos, hawthorne heights. i mean i do listen to music that has the "emo" genre. and what's up with that?

and now this is for someone i know, who pretend that he knew everything about the word "emo".

i never blame your music taste. i never said "rock n roll is a piece of shit!".
no. hell no.
he's making me so damn mad for blaming my music taste.
i said that i will watch click five, and he said
"ih seleranya yang rambutnya miring-miring gitu sih..."
and yes he said that word again.

well i listen to click five not because they're damn good looking, but i also enjoy their music. especially modern minds and pastimes.

so people, please please respect music. anykind of music.
i don't like classic/orchestra kindof music, but that doesn't mean i hate it.

music is something we all enjoy, so don't start blaming each other just because some misunderstanding.

so uh yeah that's it.
i'm going to see click five on june
hope i'll meet them :)

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