Sunday, March 30, 2008

wake me up when september ends

i've just watched BIAB. from youtube.
the part when green day sang 'wake me up when september ends'.
and there it was.
i saw billie. at about 3.36, his eyes went watery.
at 3.56 when he sang the "like my father's come to pass/twenty years has gone so fast", his voice began to shake.

and yeah, i cried.
well, not much.
i was so touched by the way billie sang that song live.

when i opened wikipedia & searched the article about that song. billie wrote it in memoriam of his father who died of esophageal cancer when billie was only ten years old.
awwww :'(

i'm so downloading that video.
anddd put it in my ipod, straightaway.

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