Saturday, March 29, 2008

bullet in a bible

so i've just watched one of green day's live dvd, Bullet In A Bible. i know it's late to watch that dvd in the early 2008, because it's released in 2005. duh.

anywaaaay, it's a real real cool dvd. since green day used to be my favourite band when i was in 6th grade. errr, yea 6th grade. along with simple plan & my chemical romance.

so this dvd's main content is about their live concert in milton keynes, it's somewhere in england. they opened the concert with American Idiot. and so on and so on, until in the middle it reaches to my faaaaavourite song off of American Idiot, St. Jimmy!!!! whoa whoa whoooooa =D billie did not play guitar when they sing this song. he ran across the stage from side to side, he even danced a bit! hahah ohweee
the first time i listen to it, St. Jimmy was the song that gets stuck straight into my mind. just like when i listen to My Chem's Teenagers.

back to the BIAB.
they closed the concert with (also) one of my favourite green day's song. it's called good riddance (time of your life). hey i can play the guitar of that song! lolol

it felt so good to see green day back again. i haven't seen them on tv for quite a while. i kinda missed them. but when i watch BIAB, i felt relieved, well not that much though.
billie rocks, mike rocks, tre rocks. ah well, green day rocks!

i missed 6th grade :'p

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