Monday, December 8, 2008


yeah, who doesn't know twilight, anyway?
this movie-based-book has been quite sensational, especially among the girls

so last friday, i watched the movie with chika, banny, kara, & shabrina

some of my friends said that this movie isn't worth watching, well yeah maybe because some will think that the book is way better

but i didn't think so.

i was hyperventilating as the movie goes on! i did pay attention to the story, but i got easily distracted by the handsomeness of the guys!
my favorite part was the day that edward & bella go to school together, and the baseball part.
emmett & edward did stole the show. ahahahaha :3
oh gosh. oh gosh. oh gosh.

i'll probably watch this film at least 5 times, in the cinema.

my suggestion is, do not take your boyfriend to watch this film
you'll find out why.
; )


ramadije said...

i don't know anything about the bloody-famous-twilight, miss..

well yeah i know it's twilight, but what the fuck is twilight? is it that bloody good?

Acchan said...

honestly, you're scaring me, kak :(

hell yes it is bloody good!

Monday! said...

wah emg cchan emmettnya hot bgt haha

yasmin said...

haha tapi kerenan bukunya ya hehe