Sunday, November 9, 2008

a little piece of

i don't feel like updating, ahahah
but some short sentences will do

1. i've watched The Black Parade Is Dead! days ago, and i thought it's great! well done Gee!

2. i've developed Fenrir's second roll, and it turned out great. fisheye is sure is an interesting (toy) camera, hehe

3. i am craving for starbucks' green tea blended cream frapucinno

4. and i hate the fact that there isn't any starbucks nearby where i live. fyi, i live in cinere

5. congratulations for Barack Obama! yeah uh-huh!

6. tomorrow's school day again, after those long TO break. now we're back to reality. (sighs)

7. i. am. tired. of. being. a. secret. admirer.

8. i'm wishing a MacBook for my birthday present, how's that sound?

don't mind the title please :D

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