Tuesday, November 25, 2008

before, after

"so little time, so much to do......."

guess what? i'm reading Twilight for the second time, and after the loooong rental to some of my friends, the last one is Anjana.
the book now, is not in a good condition anymore. there are few scratches on the cover, and some color-changing pages too
aw well, lets call that "The History of Acchan's Twilight Novel"

yesterday, i watched Avenged Sevenfold Live in LBC DVD. it is yasmin's though, not mine. but i'll have mine by the december :D
it was real cooooooooool! i love the fact that Shadows has improve his singing technique. i'd wish they make a CD consist of their songs which they played live there. some of the songs sounds better live than you heard in records.
thumbs up for the boys!

as for right now, i'm strolling around deviantart, looking for some good concert photographs. i've been obsessed by concert photography lately :)

bad thing is, i have an islamic education exam tomorrow. so i think i'd better study in the next fifteen minutes.

catch ya later!

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