Sunday, October 19, 2008

10 things you (don't really) need to know

facts facts facts facts facts facts facts facts facts facts

1. my cousins are my faaaavorite part of my big family
i love them verrry much! they are the first ones i'll greet at lebaran, well after my grandma&paps ofcourse :)

2. i miss my junior high friends so much!
oh and the atmosphere too! my precious zascodelarno :'}

3. i don't wanna leave home without my ipod
yesyes my green ipod nano 3rd generation. it has evvverything i need to plug my ears. except for some cirumstances.

4. i've always wish(ed) that Pokémon(s) were real
i'd love to have Scyther, Cyndaquil, & Arcanine. hehe

5. i am obsessed of being a concert photographer
it sounds like fun. plus, you can meet your favorite band(s)! uh huh

6. i eat (pretty) fast
only if the food IS good to eat.

i mean it :'{

8. i named my holga & fisheye2
goliath the holga. i'll decide the name of my fisheye2 soon enuf.

9. i've been adoring nike dunks, lately
such as:
- Nike SB 720° Dunk Low
- Nike Dunk SB Mid Donatello
- Nike Dunk High GS Shrek

10. i don't really follow indonesian music hype
i'd prefer the music inside my ipod. don't care it's in or not.
ahahaha, sawwwreh :P

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