Tuesday, July 8, 2008

so my sister's just got back from japan.
yeah ya hurd it, JA-PAN.
i do miss her. at home she tells me every single thing about her expiriences there. from disneyland to her host family. arrrghh i envy her i envy herrr :|

anyway besides all that envy-ing thing, she brought lotsssa stuffs. she spends most of her money buying comics & gundams. but she bought me a bracelet which has my name on it :D she also bought thisss

that's a stitch hand-glove, cute i know :D and this,

a pokeball. actually she bought pokeball(s), there are 5 of them :)

hokay so, writing this makes me wanna fly to disneyland, any nearest disneyland.
i wanna ride space mountain, splash mountain, big thunder mountain, *oh wait did i mention the word 'mountain' thrice?*, haunted mansion, peter pan's, uh all of them!

but now i have a little brother, the chance of my family going to disneyland is increasing, heahaha yeah man. take us to disneylaaaaand!

high school days will start in *counts with fingers* 4 days.
jeng jeng!


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