Thursday, June 5, 2008

the click five live in jkt 4/6/2008

uhm the click five

so luckily me & my friends got the chance to meet & greet before the concert starts
here's the story...

at 6pm, we all gather near the istora lobby for briefing before meet & greet session.
we made a line consist of 10 people, me, mente, & dhira were on the 4th line.

while waiting, i felt butterflies whirling in my stomach! haha i just felt like i want to fell down to the ground, damn i'm so nervous. JOEY!

last may, it was Joey's birthday. so i made this red & blue bracelet as a birthday present for him. back to the meet & greet story!

finally the time has come, our line, the 4th line went into the room. and what the heck i saw ben's face. geeeez i'm getting nervous! haha
here's the conversation at the meet & greet session.

Bodyguard: so where do you want to sign?
Me: here *pointing the cd cover*
first, i faced mr. ben romans
Ben: Hi!
Me: Hi Ben! *smiles, gave him the cd cover*
Ben: How are you?
Me: Fine, fine *ben finished signing*
Me: Thank you
Ben: *smiles*
secondly, mr. JOEY ZEHR!!!!!!!!!
Me: *staring at his damn beautiful blue eyes, really! he has damn fine eyes*
Me: Hi Joey! *smiling on the outside, crazy on the inside*
Joey: Hi! How are you?
Me: Fine
Joey: What's your name?
Me: Acchan
Joey: Okay, *signs the cd cover*
Me: Uh, anyway happy belated birthday Joey, i have a gift for you. if you want? *bit shaky voice. me nervous! gave him the bracelet*
Joey: Oh wow thanks! *glancing at the bracelet, put inside his pocket*
thirdly, mr. kyle patrick *i gotta tell you i love his new haircut. fits him perfectly :D*
Me: Hi Kyle!
Kyle: Hi! how are you?* then a fly came buzzing in front of him, he's busy swapping away the fly, gotta tell you that's fun to watch :p*
Me: Fine *laughing on the inside*
Kyle: Nevermind *laughs, signs the cd cover*
Me: Hehehe thanks Kyle!
fourthly, mr. ethan mentzer
Me: Hi Ethan!
Ethan: Hi. How are you? *signs the cd cover*
Me: Fine, thanks!
last, mr. Joe Guese
Me: Hi.... Joe!
Joe: Hi, how are you? *signs the cd cover*
Me: Fine, thankyou!
as soon as i walked out of the room, i waited for mente & dhira.
then we freaked out together hahaha you know : )
unfortunately, the promotor said that there's no photo session because it's way too late. ARGH DAMN! but they said that they papparazi-ed us while the signing session, and we can get the photo later on. hmph.
this is what the cd cover looks like after signed by those decent boys,
ahah nevermind.

i really hope joey would wear the bracelet i gave to him. please please!
and that's the meet & greet story,
below's the photos from the concert, taken by moi. enjoy!

i'll see you on the flipside! first photo taken

Kyle Patrick, he looks so damn fine

Ben Romans, eccentric as ever

Joe Guese, wears sunnies for the first... idk 3 songs maybe?

Joey Zehr! The man! ahahah taken while they're playing acoustics

Ethan Mentzer, i like his way of playing bass :D

Goodness gracious! they're Joe, Kyle, Ethan

The Click Five, yeah man!

Bring on the disco ball, it's headlight disco baby!

Bye guys! Goodluck on the next album! :D

kyle actually spray the audiences with his mineral water at some songs, i got hit twice! hahaha aw kyle :3

after the concert finished, i saw their soundman saying "SETLIST! SETLIST!"
and he was waving the setlist, so came to him and ask for the setlist.
then he gave it to me! hahah yeah i got the click five's setlist baby!

that is all. looking forward to their next album!
gooo click five!


MissAndreaT said...

I'm Andrea from Spore. Just wanted to ask how did u get to meet the Click Five??? You lucky lucky girl...sooo lucky...(congrats btw!!!:):))

Acchan said...

hey! well the promotor actually sell the meet & greet tickets. so knowing that, i hurry up & buy it! hehe thankyou :) but i didn't get a chance to take pictures with them :( do you watch their concert in singapore? i heard that's one awesome concert, hehe

nadia said...

kak acchan enak banget bisa nonton cli9five eh click five (garing :p) sekalian meet & greet hhe jadi iri..

nadia 9f

Who the hell is Acchan? said...

hehehe iya tapi promotornya mble'e gitu nad ngaret meet & greetnya jadi gada foto bareng click five! nyebelinnnnn :[ balikin stengah duit gua! wkwkwk