Friday, May 30, 2008


dufan was..........
hell awesome!

i won't tell the story, so i'll just post some pictures here, aite?


@ kicir-kicir. taken by me. no, i don't want to ride that thing.

@ poci-poci!

@ rajawali! flying high to the sky *padahal cuma 25 m doang tingginya*

@ ontang-anting


holla! taken by me.

before pontang-pontang.....

while riding pontang-pontang. this is what we call AIB.

queueing for halilintar. kara's "godhand". lol.

on the way home. riding sheila's APV. 13 humans inside.
= mobil bau keringet. wkwkwk.

oh and the video,

that is all.

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VLF said...

shabrina mukanya kayak pembokat banget tuh .. iihhihhhi